January 2012

Super Bowl Matchup

Looking Ahead to the Giants versus the Patriots

The AFC and NFC Championship games on Sunday were hard-fought battles, leaving us with a Super Bowl matchup that likely no one would have predicted: the New York Giants versus the New England Patriots. Let's look ahead to the matchup and the Super Bowl festivities off of the field.

Tebow's Story a Good One for NFL

QB Leads Broncos to a Playoff Win

After the NFL's Wild Card weekend, football fans across the country are talking about one guy: Tim Tebow. He's been the story of the NFL season, and the legend grew on Sunday when he led the Broncos to a shocking overtime win over the heavily favored Steelers. He might not be a Hall-of-Fame pro quarterback, but he certainly has been fun to watch this season.

BCS Bowl Mania

"These close, not to mention exciting, games indicate how competitive so many teams are this season. "

Whether the BCS is the right way to determine the national chamption is a hotly debated issue. However, BCS proponents and grumblers alike can agree that we've had some great games so far in the 2011-12 bowl season.